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v0.8.4 [2023-03-18]

  * Always use "C" locale (fixes 'w' parsing issues)

v0.8.3 [2023-03-18]

  * Switch pulseaudio detection to pactl (pipewire-compatible)
  * Significantly more robust X11 idle detection
  * Add output verbosity setting

v0.8.2 [2023-02-19]

  * Add pulseaudio audio detection

v0.8.1 [2023-01-02]

  * [no changes]

v0.8.0 (unreleased)

  * Add support for monitoring NFS status

v0.7.0 [2022-01-08]

  * Add command-line option to test idle state
  * Fix 'w' idle detection on non-debian systems
  * Fix systemd service install location

v0.6.0 [2017-11-25]

  * Support a minimum wake time before re-sleeping
  * Detect X idle time when no active X session

v0.5.0 [2017-11-16]

  * Reschedule wake timer any time it is overdue.
  * Reschedule wake timer when waking from sleep.

v0.4.0 [2017-11-16]

  * Reschedule wake time with RTC clock
  * Install to /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin
  * Install systemd service system-wide

v0.3.0 [2017-11-15]

  * Initial release