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Itsy-Gitsy Changelog / News

v0.5.1 -- unreleased

v0.5.0 -- 2023-01-29

  • MAJOR: remove 1-to-1 template mapping restriction (config format changed)
  • MAJOR: support parallel multi-thread/core execution
  • rename "repo_summary" template to "summary"
  • improve sanitization and verification of file paths
  • add "%NAME%" filename template, allowing "permalinks"
  • fix bugs in "limit_context" behavior
  • improve detection of when limits are exceeded (particularly repo size limits)
  • more "limit" settings that make multi-million commit repos parsable
  • add "fetch_remote" setting, to disable fetch on remote repos

v0.4.1 -- 2023-01-15

  • add a "dark" theme for default site
  • add sensible defaults to sample config
  • add more documentations, examples
  • change default main output names to "index.html"
  • fix missing tags in "alt_refs" template variable

v0.4.0 -- 2023-01-15

  • MAJOR: include default templates for a full site
  • MAJOR: add template type for individual files
  • improved handling of file paths
  • configurable branch names
  • configurable limits
  • repository "clone URL"
  • "clean" build option
  • "local" build option
  • ability to sort repo list by date
  • documentation

v0.3.0 -- 2023-01-12

  • MAJOR: paginated output for history, commits, and tags
  • default paths: clones_repos/ and rendered/

v0.2.0 -- 2023-01-12 (first "release")

  • MAJOR: initial release, basic git repo templated output