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* Fix: support macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
* Fix: default to using config file in current directory
* Fix: remove 175 dependencies (shrink build time and binary size)
* Feature: (unfinished) register connectr:// URIs on macOS


* Fix: Handle HTTP timeouts better
* Fix: Memory leak
* Feature: re-read config file periodically


* Fix: Support deleting alarms
* Fix: Handle Spotify outages better
* Fix: Show the menu even when play state is missing
* UI: Move volume options into submenu on macOS


* Fix many crashes
* Faster UI updates after commands
* Support UTF-8 in web config
* Feature: quick-save button
* Feature: search button (uses Spotify website)
* Feature: alarm clocks
* Feature: scrobbling


* First binary release
* Mac & Windows systray/menubar UI
* Controls: Play/Pause/Skip/Select Device/Change Volume
* Mac Touch Bar UI
* Configure settings via web UI