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2011-11-14  Trevor Bentley  <>

	* libsimplepgp: Support RSA decryption
	* libsimplepgp: Added RSA example
	* decrypt.c: Output contents of decrypted data
	* spgp_read_all_public_mpis(): Support RSA algorithm
	* spgp_generate_fingerprint(): Support RSA algorithm
	* spgp_decrypt_secret_key(): Support RSA algorithm
	* spgp_decrypt_secret_key(): BUG: Didn't increment index after reading an MPI, cause multiple-MPI secret key algorithms to fail.
	* spgp_parse_session_packet(): Support RSA algorithm

2011-11-13  Trevor Bentley  <>

	* libsimplepgp: Initial release (1.0RC2)
	* libsimplepgp: Public and private key parsing
	* libsimplepgp: Store secret keys in keychain in RAM
	* libsimplepgp: Decrypt DSA/Elgamal messages
	* libsimplepgp: Support TripleDES, CAST5, AES-256 symmetric ciphers
	* libsimplepgp: Support SHA-1 hashes
	* libsimplepgp: Support ZLIB and ZIP compressed packets
	* libsimplepgp: Support PC platform (autoconf)
	* libsimplepgp: Support iOS platform (Xcode)
	* libsimplepgp: DSA example