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f8a2728 Signature hash valid for v4 binary messages, but still unused mrmekon 2011-11-19 3 (+406/-141) master
6f4c2eb Beginning signature verification mrmekon 2011-11-15 5 (+523/-88)
223cc09 Tying up memory leaks. Valgrind passes on the two examples. mrmekon 2011-11-14 6 (+382/-63)
efc9952 Created ChangeLog. Updated README and ChangeLog to show that RSA is now supported. mrmekon 2011-11-14 2 (+31/-2)
6de360b Added RSA example. mrmekon 2011-11-14 6 (+101/-4)
147293b RSA support mrmekon 2011-11-14 4 (+468/-49)
ef7df9a installcheck works with spaces in path. Added comment to README about it. mrmekon 2011-11-14 2 (+4/-1)
a9e3c0e Added tag V1.0RC2 for changeset d3a70c18d942 mrmekon 2011-11-14 1 (+1/-0)
045cea6 Bumped version to RC2 mrmekon 2011-11-14 1 (+1/-1) V1.0RC2
42741af Build doesn't fail on examples anymore. Examples built and executed by make's 'installcheck' rule. Example tests literal data. mrmekon 2011-11-14 2 (+18/-2)
2dacd7d Added function to return literal data mrmekon 2011-11-14 3 (+45/-6)
6b023eb Documentation for public API mrmekon 2011-11-13 7 (+90/-1)
0b88f4b Documentation for public API mrmekon 2011-11-13 3 (+110/-4246)
8d618ad Makefile builds example mrmekon 2011-11-13 2 (+4/-0)
65b18e5 Added example mrmekon 2011-11-13 4 (+69/-0)
cbd9f51 Fixed bad path in pkg-config script mrmekon 2011-11-13 1 (+1/-1)
defe798 Added pkg-config script mrmekon 2011-11-13 3 (+17/-1)
1fbd9b3 Added mutex locks around some global acccesses. Removed keychain functions from public interface -- done automatically now. Added init() and close() function to spgp module to do necessary setup and breakdown. mrmekon 2011-11-13 7 (+402/-264)
f0c6366 Updated readme with build instructions mrmekon 2011-11-12 1 (+10/-3)
72fb671 Added tag V1.0RC1 for changeset 74e4a45a2a26 mrmekon 2011-11-12 1 (+1/-0)
55a5cf3 Moved ios-static library downloading logic out into its own script so graphical Xcode can run it mrmekon 2011-11-12 5 (+65/-22) V1.0RC1
50572af Build system changed. Builds iOS libraries from Xcode or command line, and matched to the correct library for the architecture. Automatically downloads ios-static libraries from Google Code if necessary mrmekon 2011-11-12 11 (+291/-4443)
4773f32 iOS script downloads ios-static libraries mrmekon 2011-11-11 1 (+16/-0)
f0e1763 Added install file. Improved iOS buid script to automatically detect SDK version. mrmekon 2011-11-11 3 (+32/-1)
b3e93d2 Build script for building iOS from the command line mrmekon 2011-11-11 5 (+42/-11)
dba01bc Mods to configure so it installs to the right directory mrmekon 2011-11-11 1 (+1/-1)
97c504e automake changes mrmekon 2011-11-11 3 (+11/-21)
9677a28 Added unfinished autoconf support. mrmekon 2011-11-11 12 (+644/-394)
f512a44 Beginning to split into multiple files, and to separate public from private interface. mrmekon 2011-11-11 13 (+1415/-657)
2bd824f Literal data packets stored. Apache license applied. mrmekon 2011-11-11 11 (+1203/-364)
9e8e669 Fixed partial packet support for encrypted packets. Encrypted packets are decoded correctly. Compressed packets are decompressed. Packets-within-a-packet are supported. mrmekon 2011-11-10 6 (+2881/-205)
68e7589 Massive changes. Added keychain, session packet decryption, symmetrically encrypted packet decryption, partial packet length support. mrmekon 2011-11-10 7 (+2263/-3064)
08984b3 Public key split out of secret key. mrmekon 2011-11-03 1 (+7/-1)
761fab6 Fingerprint generating works. mrmekon 2011-11-03 4 (+1063/-120)
89fa313 About to add public structure, saving before hand. mrmekon 2011-11-03 4 (+215/-104)
7e8d38d User ID packets added. mrmekon 2011-11-03 4 (+646/-41)
68899a0 Comments, refactoring, and filled out free_packet() to free memory recursively mrmekon 2011-11-02 3 (+357/-92)
c718d93 Now parses all packets in message instead of just the first. Added Elgamal secret key support. Moved source files into their own directory. mrmekon 2011-11-02
4c1470a Secret key parsed all the way down to encrypted data. Encrypted data not decrypted. Only support DSA/3DES/SHA1. mrmekon 2011-11-02
8d6997e Partial support for parsing secret key packets mrmekon 2011-11-02
bebb40b Checked in project mrmekon 2011-11-01