Repository Description Website Last Updated
menomonmon usbmon packet filtering library link 2024-05-07
circadian Suspend-On-Idle Daemon for GNU/Linux Power Management link 2023-03-18
qemu-stormcrow USB passthrough daemon for libvirt link 2023-02-20
itsy-gitsy A static site generator for Git repositories link 2023-01-30
fruitbasket Rust framework for running in a Mac "app bundle" environment link 2022-01-08
connectr A super lightweight Spotify controller link 2020-12-12
rubrail-rs Rubrail is a Rust library for interfacing with the Mac Touch Bar link 2020-12-12
snitch-el Firewall for emacs link 2020-12-11
crate_dep_analyzer Analyzes Rust crates on link 2019-07-05
ossuary Rust library for establishing encrypted communication channels link 2019-06-12
emacs-maxibuffer Emacs library to get user input from a temporary buffer link 2018-04-29
toucHNews Hacker News (YCombinator) news feed for the Mac Touch Bar link 2018-04-02
hn-rs Rust bindings for the Hacker News (YCombinator) API link 2018-04-02
touchtest MacOS Touch Bar Control Strip daemon link 2017-07-04
picdb Command-line debugger for Microchip PIC processors link 2012-11-12
tempest-cljs Tempest arcade game, in ClojureScript, hosted on Noir link 2012-04-13
libsimplepgp An open-source C library for loading PGP keys and decrypting PGP messages link 2011-11-19