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c7f9074 Don't barf on spaces in command line arguments. Check for ELF file before giving it to microchip's libraries. mrmekon 2012-11-12 3 (+13/-4) master
b7dce39 Connect and load from the command line. Replay scripts. Output changed to use logger, and cleaned up, so scripts only output print commands. mrmekon 2012-11-09 3 (+76/-34)
d9d48b3 Breakpoints can be specified in multiple ways. Address, file/line, function, or just line. mrmekon 2012-11-09 3 (+47/-5)
12823c3 Works with Real ICE. Some functions in place to place breakpoints by filename and line. mrmekon 2012-11-09 1 (+39/-1)
9b9f392 Step, Next, and Stepi implemented. Beginning ability to list source code. Beginning ability to print symbols. mrmekon 2012-11-09 2 (+111/-10)
edd8cb4 Removed hardcoded debugger strings. mrmekon 2012-11-08 3 (+34/-5)
0578060 Cleanup, documentation, and new debug command. mrmekon 2012-11-08 2 (+101/-23)
5fc8ff4 I am not a Markdown pro mrmekon 2012-11-08 1 (+2/-2)
ed98918 More README mrmekon 2012-11-08 1 (+29/-4)
5228de6 Readme formatting. Really. mrmekon 2012-11-08 1 (+5/-4)
6e14420 Example output in readme. Detect missing file on load attempt. mrmekon 2012-11-08 2 (+59/-0)
6c3ddab Checked in project in current form. Much functionality is already implemented (connect, load, step, continue, breakpoints). Much remains. mrmekon 2012-11-08 5 (+329/-0)
f2b792d Added notes to readme mrmekon 2012-11-08 1 (+22/-1)
98b052a Initial commit Trevor Bentley 2012-11-08 2 (+6/-0)