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fix_objc_nightly fb4fe95 Bump dependency versions Trevor Bentley 2018-04-02
fix_stopper bf441f6 run() returns error when stopped by a stopper. Trevor Bentley 2017-08-02
fix_warnings dd3c9e6 Fix unused import warnings Trevor Bentley 2017-08-02
master 7254b12 Release 0.10.0 Trevor Bentley 2022-01-08
non_osx_support f92b4e1 Restrict objc dependencies to OS X Trevor Bentley 2017-07-30
raise_logger_error 4ff6aec Raise error if logger can't be created Trevor Bentley 2017-07-30
release-prep 5749474 Added README Trevor Bentley 2017-07-29
url_handler 47bb77f Clean up warnings Trevor Bentley 2019-02-13
v0.3 3f7142e Support bundling and finding bundled resource files Trevor Bentley 2017-07-29