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1a17b07 A few logic changes that might have been able to cause bugs, and one that might run a tiny bit faster. mrmekon 2012-04-13 2 (+11/-7) master
0233fa2 Added license to project file, switched to newer version of cljsbuild, and to less optimization for now. Tested with advanced optimization, and it works. mrmekon 2012-04-13 1 (+6/-2)
d5ad439 Applied BSD license mrmekon 2012-04-13 8 (+74/-1)
d3b9772 New screenshot with colors . mrmekon 2012-04-12 1 (+2/-0)
e57b07e Documentation to go along with the new spikers. mrmekon 2012-04-12 3 (+109/-52)
15f9e77 Spikes kill player while zooming down level. mrmekon 2012-04-12 1 (+16/-2)
4fbffb8 More spiking good fun. Player travels down the level when he wins, and can shoot at the spikes while doing so. Spikes do not kill him at the moment. mrmekon 2012-04-12 2 (+143/-27)
113d4ac Spikes can be shot and destroyed. mrmekon 2012-04-10 1 (+50/-7)
f2029bf Spikes are drawn, but don't interact yet. mrmekon 2012-04-10 3 (+49/-3)
477e4f0 Spikers exist and work, but don't lay spikes. mrmekon 2012-04-10 3 (+116/-31)
9a2ef9d Really stupid fix for Safari crashing. Thread game logic in multiple steps instead of one long one. mrmekon 2012-04-09 3 (+40/-39)
09078b0 Flippers flip randomly instead of at predefined locations. Debug keys removed. mrmekon 2012-04-09 1 (+11/-17)
cb7c84a Tankers fully implemented mrmekon 2012-04-09 5 (+125/-103)
5967dcc Updated TODO list. Added links to my sites. mrmekon 2012-04-07 2 (+11/-8)
c125c4e Highlight player's segment. Added levels. Started working on more enemies. mrmekon 2012-04-07 4 (+113/-12)
7129ba2 Fixes bug in Firefox that caused levels not to display mrmekon 2012-04-07 3 (+26/-6)
255b111 Bumped to version 0.1.3 mrmekon 2012-04-07 1 (+1/-1)
7eb9e3f Enemy bullets kill the player mrmekon 2012-04-07 1 (+27/-0)
093c709 Player can shoot down enemy bullets. mrmekon 2012-04-07 1 (+43/-7)
27955e1 Shrank canvas, shrank levels, changed perspective of levels. mrmekon 2012-04-07 2 (+14/-9)
096fccc Enemies shoot, but bullets don't do anything yet. FPS monitor moved down. mrmekon 2012-04-07 2 (+57/-6)
fdac1f7 Restart level if player dies, move to next level if player defeats all enemies. Canvas widened and background color of page set to black. mrmekon 2012-04-06 5 (+42/-8)
c8d837a Colors\! mrmekon 2012-04-06 4 (+32/-28)
eeccfc8 Flippers added randomly to the level while playing. mrmekon 2012-04-06 3 (+75/-19)
e55c3a8 Don't allow player to move after he's captured mrmekon 2012-04-06 1 (+1/-1)
7ab90fc Animate level zooming in at the start, and zooming out after player capture. mrmekon 2012-04-06 3 (+116/-36)
d69d412 Player is captured and pulled down the level when a flipper lands on him. mrmekon 2012-04-03 4 (+112/-29)
c258614 Documentation and removed commented out blocks. mrmekon 2012-04-03 3 (+38/-36)
362e81f Updated README to point to demo mrmekon 2012-04-02 1 (+5/-1)
3fd1576 Every level initializes with one enemy per segment. Flip speed increased. mrmekon 2012-04-02 2 (+10/-52)
e8c2ed5 Replaced unnecessary recursing functions with map. mrmekon 2012-04-02 1 (+3/-20)
6e78384 Flipper is now killable on the segment it is closest to when flipping, instead of the segment it started flipping from. mrmekon 2012-04-02 1 (+14/-9)
b6959a9 Flipper switches directions when he reaches the edge and he's at the top of the level. mrmekon 2012-04-02 1 (+22/-10)
9d8e4bf Space bar no longer scrolls in chrome, and keys are captured on capture phase instead of bubble phase (i.e. earlier). mrmekon 2012-04-02 2 (+4/-2)
52c4098 Flipper flipping more complete, working on level 6. Flippers flip 'inside' the level in both directions. mrmekon 2012-04-02 4 (+142/-54)
3deca63 A jerk of a commit. First of all, why do I do everything on master? This is experimental additions to implement flipping of... flippers. Game is currently broken, but flippers can flip to adjacent segments. Some of these new functions are probably unused, and they aren't all documented. mrmekon 2012-03-30 5 (+271/-59)
18d5f1d Updated documentation and bumped version to 0.1.2. mrmekon 2012-03-29 2 (+56/-50)
4964443 Entire game loop rewritten to be functional instead of storing game state in globals. Keypresses are now stored in a global queue so they can be handled asynchronously, but all other state globals have been removed. mrmekon 2012-03-29 2 (+153/-134)
fbffa90 Started rewriting the core logic to use a more functional approach instead of global variables all over the place. mrmekon 2012-03-28 1 (+102/-1)
8927bc7 Link to marginalia source mrmekon 2012-03-28 1 (+4/-0)
937fc8f Huge refactor of namespaces, and a bunch of marginalia documentation. mrmekon 2012-03-28 8 (+1017/-972)
bcdc05c Comments, and asterisks around global variable. mrmekon 2012-03-28 1 (+20/-6)
2187ede Player can no longer loop around open level designs, and keypress code cleaned up and refactored. mrmekon 2012-03-28 2 (+60/-40)
ea9a00a Update animationFrameMethod again to use dictionary lookup of method names as strings. This doesn't really add anything, but it looks a little nicer. Also added marginalia support and fixed some of the comments to look better. mrmekon 2012-03-27 2 (+11/-6)
bebfd5a Last commit was a lie. Fixed animation method to be correct again, and replaced setInterval with setTimer since it's less accurate, but can be called once per frame like the other callbacks. mrmekon 2012-03-27 1 (+10/-9)
08dc031 animationFrameMethod cleaned up, and fallback to setInterval works mrmekon 2012-03-27 2 (+11/-15)
8eb7718 Some performance improvements, and switched to using the correct requestAnimationFrame function depending on browser. mrmekon 2012-03-27 1 (+39/-24)
63636a6 50% increase in frame rate by drawing level once on a background canvas, instead of redrawing each frame. mrmekon 2012-03-26 2 (+10/-3)
2050ee7 Collision detection done. Enemies can take multiple hits, bullets disappear when they hit an enemy. Enemies disappear when they have no hits remaining. FPS counter implemented. Added some documentation, and some small performance increases. mrmekon 2012-03-26 4 (+242/-73)
86ea156 Don't know why I was forcing everything to be a vector, but now they're lists, which will presumably be faster. mrmekon 2012-03-23 1 (+21/-9)